Wedding Short Film

acfPICTURES is an exclusive wedding short-film maker in the entire eastern India. The style of movie making is cinematic and exclusive. We not only take care of the visuals, but we create an entirely exclusive soundtrack to be used with the movie along with a customised song to be used for the movie title or a specific sequence in the movie. Our approach towards capturing the event is documentary styled shooting. Hence there is no prior scripting involved, no staging of event and sometimes an impromptu account of bride/groom or their parent is documented. Hassle free shooting because of very small and light setup. Minimal support staff so both our and the client's overhead is low.

The wedding short-films are appreciated by clients across the globe and we have been listed in top wedding videographers in India.

Our fee is simple:

1 short-film: Rs. 35000/- ($500)

  • You get coverage for main wedding day
  • Single spectator perspective
  • Customised background score

For additional day add Rs. 20000/- ($270)
For additional camera add Rs. 10000/- ($160)

All the fee is exclusive of our traveling (in case of outstation assignments), and other logistical expenses. During any assignment our food&refreshment is billed to the client separately.

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