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Some musings of our own

The most important thing of my life has always been doing what I love and saying what I feel. I can not suppress my feelings and fake emotions. This creates a problem. But this never seems to upset few people around me, who are always pampering and accepting me as I am.

I have felt a lot of things going around me when I was a kid, so I started writing or rather documenting my emotions, as my father would say, “At your age every kid thinks that the whole world is spinning in a wrong direction and you are only right person to have corrected it”. Hence writing to my own self started. I am not a writer or never was, but could somehow managed to place those fragments righteously.
Sang songs, painted my mind out and had musing once or rather many times to keep my heart away from bursting out.
Rahul Guha Roy is one person I never knew before, but seen many times in television and rock mag’s covers. A rockstar from Kolkata, Rahul would say, “You know whenever I talk to people like you I feel people like you live in a different universe where musicians are researchers and actually practice all day rather spending time getting a perm done on their hair or hunt shops down for a good-looking amp”. I wondered, then its true that there are plenty nut cases like me around.
Yes I do live in a world like that, because my childhood was spend reading books and listening to music and not swallowing text books and vomiting on answer sheet. Yes I was always a bad student, average is an overstatement for me. My father was ever supportive to as I was. However, I never failed in any test as in every subject I used to find something useful to read and that helped me through my real life. However, don’t think that a father being supportive meaning he would not want you to trod the most trodden road.
Yesterday, I was invited to a jamming session for an upcoming event called Songsters and Musings of Tagore, which I am supposed to document. It is going to take place at the platform named Moonlight Festival which I and my friend Jaya had established earlier this year. I was stunned to see what’s going to happen at our next show on 14th June (Saturday). I would request all of you to take an evening off and come to the show ’cause I bet that you had never heard something like what I heard while they were jamming. One of the best progressive representation that can happen with Tagore’s verses.
I had an opportunity to meet this awesome rockstar a month before during a live concert in Cafe Caramel, Ballygunj, Kolkata. If you want to read about it, go to this link:
Another youngster I heard is Tina Majumdar, who is equally talented and promising. I wish her good luck for the next show and I bet she would amuse the crowd alike our rockstar.
While jamming we were constantly discussing about the music scene of our city, how the culture and taste of music has evolved in Kolkata. It felt like my good old days of thunder, where I used to play with rock bands, cover songs and shout at the system. I never had long hair, a tattoo or mohawk. But was definitely an outcast in my family. Reprimanded for having a band, not aspiring for some IAS or CAT test. Even suspected to have some psychological issues because I used to take in reverse orientation when asked about life’s goals. Time has changed and it probably changed my thoughts or rather made me more matured, but I am still a rebel. I don’t want to be stagnant. I never quit my passion even when there were times I din’t have a farthing in my pocket. Thank you Rahul Guha Roy for reminding me of who I am or rather where I belong. Its been ages that I talked about music and those days of madness with someone and never had any idea, even in my wildest dreams that it would be you Mr. Roy.
Rock is invincible.
P.S. You very well know that I am not flattering you.

Here is a sneak-peak to the jamming. Keep checking for the teaser.

Update from 10.06.2014:
The teaser trailer of the show is posted on Youtube. Please go ahead and check it out.

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