Photography for CD-inlay of Rahul Guha Roy’s new album Portraiture

Arijit has been photographing and recording City veteran singer-songwriter Rahul Guha Roy for quite sometime now. This year Arijit has released Guha Roy's live solo album named Portraiture through his record label Amuze Records and also done the entire photography for the CD inlay. The album is a compilation of selected tracks from the archive of 1.5 years of live performances recorded by Arijit. This has a lot of surprises in store for the fans as the veteran singer-songwriter has performed in languages other than his usual repertoire, i.e. English mostly and sometimes Sanskrit (chants) and Swahili. He performed songs in Bahasa and Vietnamese.

Arijit not only designed the inlays and took photos, but also did a digital sketch of the singer as a tribute to his contributions in the music scene. Checkout some of the inlay designs below.

You can buy the CD here in case you are interested. One of the reasons for getting it apart from the cliché of supporting the artist and etc, is Rolling Stone has rated this album with a solid 3.5 stars. See it here

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