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Recording an awesome guitarist is difficult

Yesterday I recorded a guitarist on my ‘Studio on Wheels’. It was an awesome experience as it was mainly acoustic guitar with no percussion. It is difficult to record an acoustic instrument, but I did it anyway and the result was as expected. It was because my hours of preparation and presets I created while playing my own guitar and creating sound presets for acoustic guitar. The bottom-line is, artist liked it. But what is most difficult recording is an awesome guitarist who cast spell with each of his licks.

Shouvik Dinky Deb is a guitarist from Kolkata and well known for his improvised blues-jazz style of playing. He is an awesome musician and a very interesting person. Smokes like an engine and loves to eat ‘Shondesh’ (a Bengali sweet delicacy). His choice of chord progression can even at times make veteran engineers think of alternative ways recording his performance. If the artist is good, then you will feel enchanted while cruising through his music. You will not want it to stop.

What I did was to record a small demo piece we were working was dual injection technique for his acoustic guitar. I took one line out from his guitar pick-up and inserted it as instrument injection in AI. Another input was done by capturing the sound with a LDC mic. Other licks and an electric bass was recorded as an instrument injection.

The good thing about working with good and balanced musicians is they know what they are doing and in a way they also make you drive to that same track they are running. So you will also feel within their loop. There will be no lost in translation kind of thing.

Believe it or not, but our 3 and half minute track was recorded in just 1 hour, dot.

Hat’s off to Dinky.

Update on 28.04.2014
Listen to the track and leave your comments.

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