Arijit Chakraborty’s photo series depicting joy, sorrow, circumstances and survival; is an exploration of space and time. While Calcutta’s cultural magnet has shifted to the southern part of the city, it’s economic magnet has moved to Salt Lake, Rajarhat and Newtown. The city in between is now often looked upon as a relic. Yet it is here that both life and death come alive. Decay and renewal, truth and memory walk hand in hand to a future that often look like a phantom presence in every frame.

Rahul Guha Roy

This project is the fruition of a 9 month long expedition through the streets of old Calcutta that’s once known as Sutanuti village 350 years back. It took approximately another 5 months to select and prepare all the photographs. All the elites, artists, laureates, erudite and famous personalities we know of Bengali origin stayed or belonged mostly to this side of the town. The entire documentary was photographed with a perspective of ‘as you see it’. The photography was done using analogue cameras with film medium. The photos here are digital scans of the 7×10 inch prints on multigrade RC paper. No digital editing or other aide has been used to enhance any photograph. The entire work was selected by Alliance Francaise du Bengale for a solo showcase at their gallery. The exhibition opened on 18th of August 2018 at the presence of French Deputy consul general, director of AF, renowned commercial photo-artist Saikat Haldar and dark room legend Mr. Bikash Bose. It ended on 31st of October 2018.

Read Artist’s foreword here.

All images are for sale individually and as a photo-box set through Earthcare Books, Calcutta.

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