Kalpa & Anirban

This is a Wedding I covered which is very close to my heart. Around the beginning of Autumn 2015 a gentleman called me from USA. My iPhone showed the location to California. Since around the same time of the year I get calls from NRIs for wedding coverage quotations, hence I was half expecting the same. After a brief discussions revealed he wants to get his daughter's wedding covered by me because he liked what I did for his friend's daughter's wedding. That would be a Bengali-Puerto Rican wedding I covered 3 years back around the same time when I am writing this account. You can find its account here. After a lot of negotiations I got a call followed by an email, that they think I am overpriced and way too methodical to be a wedding photographer, so they can not book me. I said sure but instead of wasting my time for 2 months they could have told me that a long time ago. I was a little (read extremely) pissed, so couldn't be more polite than this. To my surprise the next email was sent by the bride and she was speaking just the opposite what she and her fiancé told me a week back. I was surprised but happy and we agreed upon something. We met in Calcutta at RKM Guest House, Golpark. We instantly connected on the topic of why and how she was about to cancel my services last minute. She is an artist herself. As a singer she worked in a Grammy Award winning orchestra and as a psychologist she works as a counsellor. The immense respect and the kind of hospitality I got from her and her father is incomparable. I and my cinematographer friend/coworker Somnath enjoyed the most doing this assignment.


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