Holiday and other messes

At last the desired day had come for me to go home for sometime and rest my back. I have been working at a stretch for last 4 months and now I am out of all types of Idea, feeling restless and caged in one place for too long. We finished the studio assignments (two of them were there, one portrait another still life), sat for the critique, attended the final slide-show and then said goodbyes to each other and wished for new year in advance and that’s all for the month of December ’10. I was darn busy doing and planning for my studio shots so couldn’t write any post till today.

I boarded the bus to Chennai around 6-30. During the journey I am writing this post on board and I will post it when I reach Chennai or probably at the airport. The i-net is not working properly now. Bus ride is nice than I thought. AC coaches with nice sleeper berths. We will probably reach Chennai by 7 o’ clock in the morning.

At Chennai Airport:
I had some time after the security check so thought of updating the post a little. After I switched off my pc last night, I realised a horrible mistake I made. I forgot to take the bottle JD whiskey that I bought for BB’s dad. She was furious when she heard this. I am feeling like dumbest dumb person in the world. Then came the second blow after we reached Chennai. It was raining and rained so hard that all our luggage got completely drenched. We reached one of our class buddy’s house and there was no power. Whoa!!!!!! whatever could possibly go wrong, went wrong. However, we enjoyed some delicious breakfast there made by his mother. But again on the way to airport, we got stuck in the traffic and then in the airport stood behind an everlong neverending queue for sec-check. However, for some God’s unexplained grace we passed the sec-check very fast and Now as am writing this last bit of my blog, our flight’s boarding annoncement are going on. So gotta go now!!!!

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