Great Expectation and Greater Opportunities

I think this wasn’t something I was prepared for, i.e. becoming a Documentary Partner for an International Classical Guitar festival! Whoa! That is an amazing opportunity for me. Yes, I was offered an assignment of documenting the Calcutta International Classical Guitar Festival and Competition Denis Azabagic, 2012 and then something extraordinary happened while we were discussing the opportunity.

This happened because of my good friend Jayati Saha a Lawyer by profession and a photographer by passion. Her husband is the pioneer of Classical Guitar movement in Kolkata along with veteran guitar players.

Avik Saha, also a lawyer by profession, is an art connoisseur. He is passionate about music and generated a lot of stirring in the Kolkata music scene by forming a Classical Guitar Society and funding a Guitar festival of international standards with international artists first time in entire Asia.

His associations has always been with the people of his passion starting from film to politics and that paid him off well by establishing him at a podium of excellence, motivation and initiation.

I was delighted to meet him as he was a person with immense energy and astoundingly promising ideas which motivated me to take one the biggest step in my career of photography, making a documentary on the 2012 festival. Yes, even I couldn’t believe my ears. I immediately accepted his open challenge of documenting the 7 days’ of madness into a short documentary. His stance was, “If you could make a photo-documentary, then why not a documentary film?”

We talked for hours exchanging ideas and he was all ears to listen to every detail I presented there. After bagging the assignment I settled for a cup of coffee and immediately started working on the script.

Fingers crossed.

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