First documentary shoot in 2012

First initiative of Documentary film

This is the first opportunity in recent times that I got is to make a documentary film on a very exclusive International Festival for Classical Guitar.

As I discussed how it was initiated, now I gonna tell you what and how it was done. A 7 days long war to get every nooks and corner covered for our documentary was the biggest challenge. We somehow endured the odd hours of after party, early morning ride for the venue, skipping lunch, eating sandwiches and fries for brunch, taking a power nap behind the stage while artist takes some time off from the sound check. That’s not all, the preparation hours spent behind the computers reading articles about the artists and the festivals, preparing script for the festival documentary, studying the previous year footages for understanding the format and vibe of the festival. These were some of the glimpses of what we had done for those 1 month of December ’12.

The days were gone zipped past by and we couldn’t even do anything what we had planned for, because its a documentary shoot, not a film. Nothing will go by your script. I was not very surprised and pro-active from that perspective, because of my long experience of covering weddings.

Will update soon about the post-production and final release of the movie.

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