aMUZE: A new venture.

Here comes the new frontier of ACF, aMUZE. A new frontier for song writing and promotion brand for musical talents. I along my close friend Santanu (with whom I once shared jamming pad for our dead rock band) came up with this idea of creating music for every mood and every occasion and hence our first venture of wedding song.
We wrote a song for a wedding that is going to happen in Jaipur in November. We had created this for the pre-weddding shoot of the wedding. After the song is done, I am now working on the picturisation of the song. You can hear the song at soundcloud/acfmuze
The writing was pretty challenging for us, as client’s requirement was a clear depiction of age old love song wordings with new age styles. Hence we came up with a retro styled progressive pop. For instrumentation we used three different types of guitar playing with two different guitars and a mandolin. Hours of practice and brainstorming gave birth to our first melodious wedding song. Then came the part of recording which was pretty fast as todays studios are all digitised with solid electronic audio interface integration which gives you a 100% liberty on your style.
The song is finalised with many hours of editing and mixing the tracks. Another work is underway for a traditional folk song. Will update on that one as well.

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