A wedding at Northern Bengal

While preparing for our big gala wedding shoot at Siliguri, Northern West Bengal, I was really amazed to find out that how many families are there in Siliguri who can actually afford us. It broke my prejudice about the standard of living in those hills and plains of upper part of Bengal.

We were welcomed and treated well during our stay while had to work really hard to match the pace those guys were going, slow-mow. I never expected the wedding rituals to be so delayed and especially when we all have a time constraint. The venue, decor and organisers, everything and everyone was eager to see our setup. 3 still photographer and 2 motion photographers along with Jimmy-Jib crane and plasma online preview stole the entire show. Even the B&G were looking at the camera on Crane while the Varmala was going on.

The photos are coming as I editing them. Here’s a link to our ACF’s flickr gallery where you can see a preview. All the photos will probably not be uploaded as always and you will only be able to see the best of the lot.

Follow this link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/acfstudioz/sets/72157629794836368/

Keep on checking the for updates.


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