RGR-Live in café poster

A long pipe dream

Its a dream come true for me to record Rahul Guha Roy and that’s also solo with his signature Jamaican take classics like ‘Knockin’ on heaven’s door’.

The opportunity came as a sudden crimp on the shirt. I almost spilled my drinks (read coffee) when Arkopriya offered me with this. She is the director of the organisation who is organising a live event series called ‘Live In’ in Kolkata for last 2 years showcasing talents and enabling audience of this city to enjoy different flavours of music, starting from RockNRoll to Indian Classical music.

On 9th of April the Rock N Roll star Rahul Guha Roy was at Cafe Caramel, along with his wand with which he had cast a spell on me. Ever since I heard him and his band during early 2000 in GIR compilations, I was surprised to find him not taking the route taken most in your country by most of the musicians. He would take a song and mould it such that you will find yourself listening to again and again and wonder if you were even listening to right track for so many years.

I recorded his entire performance with ‘Studio On Wheels’ and managed get a cut of one of my favourite song.

Listen to the track here:  https://soundcloud.com/acfmuze/knockin-on-heavens-door

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