Random people with camera obstructing photographers in an event

A growing trend in event photography which bothers us professionals.

I haven’t written anything in this blog for a long time as I was busy with my new startup which I converted into a record label from a recording studio. Last year during the month of April, the transition started and completed around June 2015.
Now it seems a perfectly good time to share some news of my photography start-up with you. Last December 2015, I covered a wedding of a USA born Bengali psychologist/musician who got married to a Indian born Bengali settled in USA.
During the event we have experienced only one very odd or rather disturbing thing, i.e. hobby-photographers trying to get a shot of the event with their camera or phones to prove their skills on social media and that is at the expense of blocking our view. This trend is increasing with leaping progression and gradually becoming a very critical hinderance to our work.
During the said event when we have a specific Bengali ritual of exchange of some simpleton witty words between the bride and the groom after the Mala-Bodol or Varmala (exchange of garlands) the crowd was in a frenzy to get a glimpse of that moment on their personal devices, irrespective of whether we photographers were being able to do our job successfully or not. Instead some of the guests were very irritated that I requested them to stand aside so that I can get some clear shots of that moment myself as I was assigned for that job.
I think the first thing these people need to understand is that they are ruining the bride’s moments. The bride and also the groom has paid a substantial amount of money to us (the photographers) for the work and they would not be happy with a photo of them where from every corner one phone or camera is jutting out along with a hand. The purpose of my being at that event is nullified when you guests prevent me or obstruct me in any way from taking a photo of the event. It is a disrespect to the host because you are doing something which is causing your host a monetary damage.
Here is an example of how things can go wrong.
The person on the other side with moustache and spectacles is the
photographer designated by groom and was as distressed as I was.
I would not be surprised if someday I am kicked out of the party for I objected someone coming in my camera’s view. I request all of you that, do think about the reason of you getting invited to the ceremony. Is it that the couple wanted you to take photographs or just wanted you to have some fun and enjoy the event while relishing expensive food, drinks and wine? If you can answer and abide by that, then I think our problems will be automatically solved.
Give it a thought as this might as well happen in any one your events where you may have spent a very large amount of money to get the photos clicked and at the length find out that there is no clear or good photos of some crucial moment because some or the other guests of yours took the liberty to block the photographer’s view randomly.

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