Kumar+Madhu wedding

A destination wedding

After a lot of hard work we finished a long awaited assignment. A destination wedding in 3 star resort in Jaipur. It was a big deal this year for me, as a full fledged wedding movie is going to be made for this and I had been working on pre-wedding shoots and other music recording for this wedding since July this year.

The plan was to shoot the wedding with HDSLRs rigged with shoulder rig and nano-jib/panther jib crane. Create a title sequence and end credit sequence. Then use the wedding song we created earlier (read previous post here for the song creation part) inside the movie. We also planned to record live sound for using them as background tracks.

21st 3 of us started from Kolkata by train as a team of photographer, cinematographer and an assistant. We reached there and checked in the on 23rd around 1 in the morning and prepared ourselves for the combat starting next morning.

Equipped with our gears we started shooting videos and photos and recording sounds. We had been provided with lots of opportunities of shooting at different locations with the setting up of the venue stages and decorations.

Second team reached Jaipur in the same train we came, but delayed by 2 and half hours next day, 3 in the morning. On 24th, we had a very active set of schedule and employed 2 different cameras for video and photograph shooting for different perspective captures.

The Sangeet event in the evening was another opportunity to showcase some perspective based cinematography.

25th was a pack day and very very hectic for all of us. super busy schedule, late lunch, running out of drinking water every now and then equipped with two walkie talkie, our assistants worked wonders.

As we finished our dinner a 1-30 in the morning and check in the hotel by 3 by arranging a car after a 1 hour scuffle with the event management crew, it was almost the time for the flight for the first team.

With most of the cameras and some equipment, two of us reached the airport and checked passed security gate. As soon as we boarded the flight, I fallen asleep like a log of wood.

The second team came to know that they had to travel with waiting list tickets as soon as they the stations. Another scuffle took place with the event management crew. Somehow they boarded the train and managed to reach Kolkata without any trouble with railway authority.

So far so good, as I am working on the video, I am hoping to come up with something good. Wait till I post the latest video.

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